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Monday, 16 April 2012


Driving lessons for the driving.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Shiny clothes

Quite the party starters they must be.

Photo courtesy: Nihaal


The optimists around Kerala. :)

Photo courtesy: Nihaal

Blue food

I wonder what they serve.

Photo courtesy: Nihaal 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bath time

The things we need to be warned about these days.

International food

Makes food more interesting doesn't it?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Tunneled information, which is also fading. :|  

Informing Dolphin

Just in case we did not realize, someone decided to paint that we are at a (Malleshwaram) circle on the dolphin.

Staff only

 Reminded me of  a parking message from Bill Waterson.

NO money?!

Never seen anything in India that said no to money.

Bus talk

Grim or grin? Either way random enough to make one wonder.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The criminal?

A little shoddy and hidden for something that requires more attention? 


Large type, bold colors, making a point. 


Dry cleaned, dry cleaners. 


Various typefaces, various colors, different languages. Truly explored hand painted sign.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Amul too COOL

Painted Cartography

These are increasingly rare! A little awry, peeling but definitely worth promoting.

Step in Time

Painted chappals look out for these they're actually quite detailed.

"Cross my palms with silver..."

Hands painted- your fortune in a brush stroke.


A metaphor of hand painted signs fading away.


A Post Modern coffee shop! Gone are the flimsy plastic cups, these folks want to keep up with globalization.


A Banquet for the wandering eye.

Cream Cola

The interesting thing about the Ice Cream paintings are, they never lose their flavour.

Print or not to Print?

 Oddly enough they'd rather hand letter their stuff.

All that glitters...

A refreshing change from all those stiff upper lipped women in the studio advertisements.

The Wall of all Purpose

A common sight, makes you wonder if this brand of publicity works.

Splash it on!

Colour the World- Make it a better place.

Hidden ad

We also have these paintings around the city to prevent men from peeing, never seen an ad tucked into one before.

Milk paint

Every wall painted, turns out the milk man's call every morning is not sufficient advertisement. 


However the dog looks anything but ferocious.

Old and Ignored

Signs, before metallic boards took over the world.

Local Designers

Bangalore's very own Kitchen Specialist!

Faded times

Like the red paint,the tiny business fades away with time.

Hand-painted Typos

Why would someone need an Escort Shoe Company?Or did they mean EXPORT?

The old

The typical old hand painted boards of Bangalore. So old the tube light came after it.

The Old days

Our past which included small businesses and less consumption.

Pimped city

Recently the Bangalore railway station decided to give itself some colorful hand paintings to pimp the city up. 

Principles and Rules

A working man's guide to success


The variety of clothes and variety of typefaces gives us an overview of what is available in the market.